5 Questions with The Athlete Method’s, Ashleigh Nelson & Kerry Dixon – Maintaining Fitness & Curls

The Athlete Method's Ashleigh and Kerry talk hair, curls and fitness
Ashleigh (Right) and Kerry (Left)

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How often do you train or workout?


Ashleigh: I’m a two time Olympian who loves fashion, photography and most importantly food. I workout roughly 5 to 6 times a week, often outside so my hair is always being exposed to the elements especially rain in winter. I constantly have to make the decision whether to have hat hair or let my hair be ruined by the rain.


Kerry: I used to compete in the 400m hurdles nationally alongside working full time in the luxury travel industry. I train 3/4 times a week currently. I enjoy travelling, hiking through the mountains, trying new cuisines and a Netflix series!


2. Why is a healthy lifestyle important to you?


Ashleigh: Without sounding cliché, health is wealth. Living a healthy lifestyle keeps me sane and I literally wouldn’t be able to do my job without keeping both my body and mind on top form.


Kerry: Because we have one body and if we look after it, it will do it’s best to look after you! I like the way I feel mentally and physically and also it gives me confidence in the way I look.


3. Haircare can be tough for people who lead active lifestyles. Tell us about your #Hairgame routine. What issues do you have with it?


Ashleigh: Fitting it into my busy schedule, I literally plan my wash days around weekly events that I have going on. My wash and go from start to finish takes about two hours.


Kerry: My curls lasting for more than 2/3 days is a struggle and I tend to just tie it back and plan wash days around particular and special social commitments so my hair looks fresh and the curls are defined.


4. What do you do to your hair before and after training/workout?


Ashleigh: It depends – if it’s wet I’ll tie it up in a pineapple and put it under a hat. If it’s sunny I’ll spray it with heat protector so it doesn’t fry. If it’s a nice day I sometimes don’t even tie it up, I just let it blow in the wind, and channel my inner Beyoncé!


Kerry: I tend to tie it into a top knot bun before I workout, and afterwards it will either get a wash or revived with a spray bottle and some conditioner (I’m still learning my curl routine!)


5. We know that there are a lot of hair products on shelves right now. What’s the most important product on your shelf? And if you could have a dream hair product what would it do?


Ashleigh: I currently use the LOC technique so, leave In conditioner, oil and cream. I couldn’t pick between the three of these as they all do a separate job. However if I don’t use a cream my hair just doesn’t curl as well, I tend to need something a bit heavy to hold my curls. I’d love a dream hair product that did all three in one.


Kerry: It’s very overwhelming. My hair is in constant need of moisture and I don’t think I have the right combination of products that I feel confident work on my hair. I trial and error different products that use the LOC technique. So far I have found Moroccan oil and elements of Jamaican castor oil works wonders. My dream product would be a hydrating conditioner, oil and curl hold in one.


Some Quick-Fire Questions:


What’s your curl pattern?

Ashleigh: 3B/3C

Kerry: 3B


Curls love them or hate them?

Ashleigh: Love

Kerry: I love them but they don’t always love me! Lol


#fadegame: high, mid, low or no fade?

Ashleigh: On me or a guy? I had a number 1once but now no fade. Guys low fade

Kerry: On a guy? Low


Comb, brush or finger detangling?

Both: Brush


If you had to choose one, would it be a shampoo or conditioner?

Both: Conditioner


Washday: everyday, weekly, once a month?

Both: Weekly


Hair masks or hair treatments?

Ashleigh: Treatments

Kerry: Mask


Natural ingredients or synthetic?

Both: Natural

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