5 Questions with Rapper and Songwriter Kodi Iweka – Loving Music and a Signature Style


1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where does the inspiration for your music especially the AIRFRO Track come from?


My inspiration for music comes from a lot of different places. I like listening to a lot of American artists. Lil Tjay and Roddy Ricch are my favourite artists at the moment so I take a lot of inspiration from them. When I was writing the AirFro track, my inspiration for it was just to make a song that people would remember. I simply thought to myself ‘good vibes’ and that’s where I tried to take the track. I really liked the idea of AirFro, especially that it was for such a wide audience, so I had to try and come up with something I knew would appeal to everyone. The track was fun to write, especially the chorus line ‘Wet it, Wash it, Shake it, Dry it’ I knew people would love it and be able to apply it to their routine.

The AirFro track...‘Wet it, Wash it, Shake it, Dry it’ ... a song that people would remember. I simply thought to myself ‘good vibes’

2. Why is performing important to you?


Performing is one of my favourite things to do. It’s such a good way to engage with an audience, especially if it’s in small venues with a lot of people. My largest performance was probably in front of my school when I was in Year 11 for an end of year charity event, but I wasn’t as experienced then because I only had a short freestyle to perform. Now that I have more songs and more people know my music, I’d love to go back there and perform again especially now that I’ve grown in confidence and in stage presence.

Feeding off a crowd’s energy is probably one of the best feelings. When you know that you have someone’s 100% attention and you’re able to bring them joy through your music, it’s something that I love and can’t wait to do on a much larger scale.


3. Haircare can be tough for people who lead active lifestyles. Tell us about your #Hairgame routine. What’s your signature style?

I feel like image is a very big part of your identity and people remember you for things such as hairstyles.

My hairstyle is very important to me. I feel like image is a very big part of your identity and people remember you for things such as hairstyles. I’ve been growing my hair for a few years now and have been trying new styles with it along the way – from twists, to cornrows, and even wearing my big afro out, but the style I settled on were plaits. I think they’re easy to maintain and I’ve even tried to develop a signature style by leaving two gold pieces of jewellery in the front two plaits, just to stand out.


4. What issues do you have with your hair, and how do you care for it?


I don’t really ever have any issues with my hair, but I always sleep with a durag on to make sure it looks neat, and I try to get my braids redone every month or so, just to make sure they’re fresh.


5. We know that there are a lot of hair products on shelves right now. What’s the most important product on your shelf? And if you could have a dream hair product what would it do?


If I’m being honest, I don’t actually have a go to product when it comes to my hair. I often just use what my mum and sisters use, but I have used Cantu before and I really liked it. If I had a dream hair product it probably would be AirFro's DFY CURL REFRESH, because it does everything you could want when it comes to hair care. I still need to buy a can!!


Some Quick-Fire Questions:


What’s your curl pattern?

I’m not actually sure what my curl pattern is, but my hair isn’t curly. I want to say I’m a 4b but I have absolutely no idea


Curls love them or hate them?

I’ve not got curly hair, but I like the curly hairstyles. I think really defined curls are a blessing because they look so unique.


#fadegame: high, mid, low or no fade?

My fade is a high skin fade. My barber gives me a nice skin fade, nothing off the top


Comb, brush or finger detangling?

Probably finger detangle.


If you had to choose one, would it be a shampoo or conditioner?

I’d say shampoo. I like giving my hair a good wash.


Washday: everyday, weekly, once a month?

With my plaits I wash my hair a couple of times a week, then when I take it out I do a very deep wash.


Hair masks or hair treatments?

Definitely hair treatments


Natural ingredients or synthetic?

I often find myself preferring natural ingredients, but I sometimes use synthetic. It just depends on the day I guess.

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