Our philosophy is simple: We blend high quality natural ingredients that work hard to make haircare effortless and activate fun into our lives.


Quick solutions

The ultimate speedy haircare routine. Cleansing scalp spray, Quick curl refresh, nourishing... 

Curly Haircare

Achieve your curl goals with our natural curly hair products. Made to... 

About Us

Don't just sit around looking pretty! You feel better when you do things. We believe haircare plays a big part in our health and wellbeing aka having fun.

We launched Airfro simply because we couldn't find good natural haircare products for our active lifestyles; one place to go in-between washes, after a swim or a run.

So we created easy to use products that are fast, effective, sustainable and gender neutral. 

And sometimes we also give-away tickets to live events just for fun. Learn more here

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